In 2007 the Iron Skulls Motorcycle Association was founded in Pecatonica Illinois. We are a non-territorial, independent association consisting of men and women with a passion for riding motorcycles.

The Iron Skulls Motorcycle Association is not affiliated, supported, chartered or sanctioned by any organization or club.

As a non-profit 501c3 association we support the community, families and individuals through charitable services, donations, poker runs, and other motorcycle related activities. We work, pay taxes, and get involved in our community. We began holding "Breast Fest" in 2009, which has become an annual event held the third weekend of July. Proceeds from "Breast Fest" are donated to the "Save the Ta-tas Foundation" which supports independent scientific research of breast cancer.

The Iron Skulls Motorcycle Association welcomes riders regardless of the brand of motorcycle they choose to ride.

The first idea of The Iron Skulls Motorcycle Association started off as many ideas do; Two friends sitting around at a bar bullshiting about what a great time they were having on today’s ride and how cool it would be if some more of their friends were out with them. Unfortunately one of those friends passed away in the spring of 2007 (RIP Nate). Nothing was mentioned about starting any sort of group until later that summer during a canoe trip in Wisconsin. After two days of partying (this is where the greatest ideas come from) it was decided to look into the whole idea a little farther. One week later 20 friends met in the basement of our future President and the Iron Skulls Motorcycle Association was born.